Kaiseki Course

  • Kaiseki Course

    13,200 yen
    17,600 yen
    22,000 yen
    Ingredients are subject to market availability.

A la Carte

  • Sashimi

    Special selection of sashimi
    from 3,850 yen
    Toro (fatty tuna) sashimi
    5,500 yen
    Awabi (abalone) sashimi
    from 4,400 yen
    Tiger prawn sashimi
    3,300 yen
  • Deep Fried Dish

    Fish and vegetable tempura
    4,400 yen
    Vegetable tempura
    2,200 yen
    Awabi (abalone) tempura
    4,400 yen
    *Summer season only
  • Grilled Dish

    Grilled amadai (tile fish)
    2,970 yen
    Grilled miso marinated silver pomfret
    2,640 yen
  • Steamed Dish

    Chawan mushi (Steamed egg custard)
    1,650 yen
    Shark fin chawan mushi
    2,200 yen
  • Simmered Dish

    Simmered shark fin
    6,600 yen
    Simmered shark fin half size
    3,850 yen
  • Soup

    Fine clear soup
    880 yen
    Barley miso soup
    880 yen
    Red miso soup
    880 yen


  • Nigiri Sushi

    Hana (nigiri sushi: 7 pcs)
    3,850 yen
    Kaze (nigiri sushi: 7 pcs)
    4,950 yen
    8,250 yen
    (nigiri sushi: 10 pcs + thin sushi roll)
    Chef’s special selection
    13,200 yen
    (appetizer: 5 dishes + nigiri sushi: 11pcs + thin sushi roll)
    *Only at sushi counter
    Ingredients are subject to market availability.
  • Tuna Thin Sushi Roll (one roll)

    Akami (lean tuna)
    1,540 yen
    Toro (fatty tuna)
    2,640 yen
  • Thin Sushi Roll (one roll)

    Thin sushi roll
    440 yen
    Kanpyo (dried gourd strips),Kappa (cucumber), Oshinko (pickled radish), etc.
  • Thick Sushi Roll (one roll)

    1,210 yen
    Tsuki (with simmered sea eel)
    2,420 yen
  • Pressed Sushi

    Pressed simmered anago (sea eel) sushi
    3,300 yen

Lunch Menu


※Last order is at 13:30.


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