Kaiseki Course

  • Kaiseki Course

    13,200 yen
    17,600 yen
    22,000 yen
    Ingredients are subject to market availability.

A la Carte

  • Sashimi

    Special selection of sashimi
    from 3,850 yen
    Toro (fatty tuna) sashimi
    4,400 yen
    Awabi (abalone) sashimi
    from 4,400 yen
    Tiger prawn sashimi
    3,300 yen
    Hirame (flounder) sashimi
    3,300 yen
    Okoze (stonefish) sashimi
    3,850 yen
    Special selection of sashimi (Platter for share)
    from 16,500 yen
  • Deep Fried Dish

    Fish and vegetable tempura
    3,850 yen
    Deep fried okoze (stonefish)
    3,850 yen
    Awabi (abalone) tempura
    4,400 yen
  • Grilled Dish

    Grilled amadai (tile fish)
    2,750 yen
    Grilled miso marinated silver pomfret
    2,200 yen
  • Steamed Dish

    Chawanmushi (Steamed egg custard)
    1,650 yen
    Sake-steamed awabi (abalone)
    4,400 yen
  • Soup

    Fine clear soup
    880 yen
    Barley miso soup
    880 yen
    Red miso soup
    880 yen


  • Nigiri Sushi

    Hana (nigiri sushi: 7 pcs)
    3,300 yen
    Kaze (nigiri sushi: 7 pcs)
    4,400 yen
    7,700 yen
    (nigiri sushi: 10 pcs + thin sushi roll)
    Chef’s special selection
    13,200 yen
    (appetizer: 5 dishes + nigiri sushi: 12pcs)
    *Only at sushi counter
    Ingredients are subject to market availability.
  • Tuna Thin Sushi Roll (one roll)

    Akami (lean tuna)
    1,320 yen
    Toro (fatty tuna)
    2,200 yen
  • Thin Sushi Roll (one roll)

    Thin sushi roll
    440 yen
    Ume (pickled plum paste), Kappa (cucumber), Oshinko (pickled radish)
  • Thick Sushi Roll (one roll)

    1,100 yen
    Tsuki (with simmered sea eel)
    2,200 yen
  • Pressed Sushi

    Pressed simmered anago (sea eel) sushi
    2,750 yen

Lunch Menu


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